As a Musket Ridge MISGA Associate, you must maintain a current handicap at Musket Ridge to play in any of the Musket Ridge MISGA Mixers. 

The Musket Ridge Handicaps are maintained on GolfNet so you can post your scores online or at Musket Ridge.

Posting Scores

Your scores should be posted as soon as possible after completing your round.  Make sure that you DO NOT post your MISGA mixer round as a Tournament.  A MSGA and MISGA ruling states that the only rounds that should be posted are the actual tournaments like 2-man best ball, and ABCD.

 Click Here to read what the United States Golf Association says about whether To Post Or Not To Post?

Maximum Number of Strokes per Hole, or
Equitable Stoke Control (ESC)

Did you know that according to the USGA you are allowed to record, based on your handicap, a maximum number of strokes on any given hole for handicap purposes? Learn how to adjust your score. See what the USGA policy is by clicking here.